East Van Roasters

artisan chocolate & coffee



Monday through Friday 9am - 5pm

Saturdays noon - 5pm

Closed Sunday & statutory holidays


East Van Roasters (319 Carrall Street in the Rainier Hotel) is a 16-seat specialty cafe and social enterprise of the PHS Community Services Society. EVR is committed to encouraging women that are re-entering the work-force through mentorship based programming and on the job training. We support at-risk people in a compassionate and supportive environment filled with meaningful work and nourishing food. East Van Roasters creates organic ‘bean to bar’ chocolate and coffee roasted and prepared on site. Delicious organic drinking chocolate and coffees, hand rolled truffles, single-origin chocolate bars and select pastries are offered in the cafe. East Van Roasters will supply freshly roasted coffee and cacao nibs, as well as couverture and customized chocolate wholesale to industry professionals and businesses. Come in and taste chocolate freshly made right from the bean!


Chocolate & Coffee Beans

Edible Canada

1596 Johnston Street (EVR chocolate bars and select products)
Vancouver, BC
T 604  683 6681


SPUD Urban Delivery (EVR coffee and chocolate bars)


Nada Grocery (bulk EVR coffee beans, cocoa powder, cacao nibs)

675 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC

 T. 778-806-3783



Seasonal Chocolates – Valentines, Christmas, etc

Harvest Community Foods (coffee on the bar and seasonal chocolate)

243 Union Street
Vancouver  BC
T 604  682 8851


Le Marche St. George (seasonal chocolate)

4393 St. George at E.28th Ave
Vancouver  BC
T 604  565 5107


Nineteen Ten Home Boutique (seasonal chocolate)

4366 Main Street
Vancouver, BC
T 604 558 0210


Coffee on the Bar

Banditas Taqueria (coffee in the cup)

2781 Commercial Drive

Vancouver, BC

T. 604-568-8224


Six Acres

203 Carrall Street

Vancouver, BC

T. 604-488-0110


The Pie Hole - Fraserhood or Kitsilano (coffee on the bar)

3497 Fraser Street or 1864 W.4th Ave

Vancouver, BC

T. (604) 428-2743 or (604) 563 1000


The Velvet Underground

#5-1208 Alpha Lake Road

Whistler, BC

T. 604-698-9683


Crackle Creme (coffee on the bar)

245 Union Street

Vancouver, BC

T. 778-847-8533


The Greek Gastown (coffee on the bar)

221 Carrall St, Vancouver, BC

T. 604-423-3360


MUJI Robson (coffee on the bag and by the pound)

1125 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC

T. 604-628-9526

The Velvet Underground (coffee on the bar and chocolate in the baking)

#5-1208 Alpha Lake Road

Whistler, BC

T. 604-698-9683


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